2017 season


• National Competition "Les Bréviaires" (France), 15th and 16th june, First-Step Irish Coffee wins the two 4-year old competitions and its selection

for the French Championships in Saumur in September !


• On June 11th at Hulsterlo, First-Step Valentin signs his 5th consecutive win in the 5-year old selection cycle

for Ermelo ! He won his qualification for the World Championships in early August!

A big thanks to all the team of First-Step Horses for the work done and to Eddy Swennen, for his trust!

The first foals of F-S Valentin are expected for 2018 !


• At Hulterlo, Barroso takes the second 7-year old place with 77.8% in the last selection for Ermelo and 

qualifies for the World Championships !


• Eurodressing article from may: -selecti


• At Ghlin, on 7 May, F-S Valentin, 5-year old and Barroso, 7-year old, win the 4th World Championships qualifying round !



• Heist-Op-Den-Berg, 3rd qualifying round for Ermelo on Saturday 29 April ! F-S Valentin's win the 5-year old proof,

2nd place for F-S Irish Coffee in 4-year old and 3rd place for Barroso in 7-year old proof !


• At Massenhoven First-Step Valentin wins the 2nd 5-year old qualifying round, for the World Championships in Ermelo in early August

and Barroso wins the second 7-year old World Championships qualifying round !

6 competitions in 2017 in France and Belgium, and ... 6 victories !


• At the Grand National of Jardy, two wins for Barroso in 7-year old, 2 wins for First-Step Valentin in 5-year old with 84.2 and 82.2%

and 2 wins for First-Step Irish Coffee in 4-year old competitions with 84.2% and 90.6%!

A great weekend for First-Step Horses in Jardy with 6 competitions and 6 victories !


• First competition of the 2017 season in Belgium for Barroso and the first competition at all for First-Step Irish Coffee at Diepenbeek !

A win for Barroso with 75% in the first 7-year old qualification for the World Championships in Ermelo !

And 1st win for F-S Irish Coffee in 4-year old with 82% !


• Second day (Friday 17 March) of the Grand National du Mans, second victory for Barroso in 7-year old (Prix St-Georges) with a beautiful 74%

And a beautiful second win for Valentin in 5-year old with 88.8%!

Four events and four great wins !


• At the Grand National du Mans this Thursday, March 16th ! Two great wins ! Barroso wins its first 7-year old event with 72.8% and

First-Step Valentin won brilliantly his first 5-years old event with 89.5%!